Eric Koo

Burleigh Heads

Eric Koo is a man of the world. Born in Mauritius, he moved to France at 18 to study fine art in the town of Lyon and upon completion was drawn to the Gold Coast’s salty lifestyle in 2000. His art is a remarkable mixture of literature and drawing, each piece telling a story through his eyes.
The highly detailed illustrations are reminiscent of old school comic book drawings evoking nostalgic feelings through fine lines and block colours. Depicting stories of the Gold Coast’s culture and the people who create it, Eric is sharing his unique perspective through his designs.

Exhibitions highlights
Winner of the Gold Coast Art and Design Award, his works have been exhibited in France, Mauritius and Australia. He is the author of 7 books, the last one to be published in June 2017 in France.

“Just an uninvited passenger on planet Earth...”